Okotberfest Craze: Tartan meets Dirndl

So you’d like to go to Oktoberfest but a classic Dirndl is too expensive and the cheap ones too much like a Halloween costume? There are ways to create that look without the full commitment. Either in a cheerful or with … Weiterlesen

Oktoberfest Craze: Dolly&Dotty in Tartan meets Trachten

When Dolly and Dotty approached me to feature one of their dresses I was very excited. They are a vintage reprodutction brand and my style is vintage and due to my size reproduction for anything apart from accessories. It was … Weiterlesen

Tartan and Lace – Tartan et Dentelle

Aujourd’hui en français – la semaine dernière, j’ai rencontré le challenge “dentelle mania”. Et j’etais enchantée. Et je me suis souvenue que j’ai aussi une robe de dentelle. Des dentelles en chocolat. Une robe que je ne porte presque jamais … Weiterlesen

Ü30: Spring – New Life Sprouts

Time to join the ladies from the ü30 blogger network for this month’s theme „Sping – New Life Sprouts“. So here comes springtime on my head and out there!. Es ist Zeit sich den Ladies der ü30 Bloggerinnen (und Friends) anzuschliessen – Thema des Monats … Weiterlesen