OOTD Berlin, Berlin – Curvy Fashion Fair

So, I did my hair and the make-up and went for a killer outfit, I hired the bike a day before at some obscure Tourist trap (albeit a cheaper one than usual). The room and the train tickets were booked well in advace. I was ready to go to the Curvy fashion Fair that is part of Berlin Fashion Week. Best laid plans and all that: after a serious dry spell there was a torrential rain in the morning, however when I left on the bike for the ca. 6k ride it was once more dry. Not dry enough aas it started to rain a bit again.

Then the bike chain came off and nearly threw me off the bike as it clogged the hind wheel. So prissy missy fixed that in a tick – with the result of having very sticky black fingers. As I was almost done I was even offered help by a rather nice gentleman. Who didn’t want to make is hands dirty but offered me the assistance of their mechanic or craftsman. So, good manners aren’t dead yet!

When I arrived at the fair I was a sweaty mess with sticky fingers and wet hair. Thanks to hand dryers where I blow dried my hair (after successfully cleaning my hands) – I looked representable again.

The fair was more or less as expected. And there will be another post about that. I met quite a few (fabulous) bloggers and was surprised how many recognised me or my name. I had a ball!

Reception Curvy Fair
What a lovely welcome!

OOTD Berlin Berlin
OOTD with flat shoes!

Bedrlin Berlin Raspberry Hat
Posing with sunnies from Zizzi and my Raspberry Hat (DIY with beautiful vintage berries)

Studio Untold Blogger’s Collection – loved it. Not sure if I can pull off this outfit. Capes are not for me, but I love the shorts.
Runway show – Studio Untold
We so had to smile – we both had the Chrystal barbie. Love the outfit and am very tempted to get the shirt.

a trip down memory lane

now, that Zizzi dress looks like right up my alley

Dress: Modcloth – Dinner Delight
Cardigan: Modcloth – Dream of the Crop
Ballerina Flats: Anna Field
Brooch: Luxulite
Hat: DIY
Straw Tote + Bracelet: vintage

Adventskalender: #StyleCrush The Glambassador

We all have people who inspire us. The final straw to start blogging was The Glambassador – Musings of a chronically overdressed Dame.

Her make-up is perfect. She reminds me of Joan Crawford.

Always fab. Always dressed to the nines.

She does amazing things with her hair. Like these Victory Rolls

or „simple“ curls

I really like her style on her Blog as well as her Facebook page. My make-up will never be up to her standard. I love my red lippies and redraw my eyebrows, but this is something which I admire, but won’t live. I love to see her sparkle though. Please shine on!

Adventskalender: Style-Crush Solanah from Vintage Vixen

I thought I’d introduce a new series called style crush. Style crush is about inspiration. People, movies or TV shows, pictures. We all need a little input from time to time.

Guess it is almost three years or four ago that I came across Solanah’s Blog Vintage Vixen. I did a little research on how-to do pin curls and I found her. She has an awesome 1950s inspired style. And she really lives it. She is curvy, but by no means plus sized. But style isn’t about size. Though it can be a real bugger to find the things you love when you have the „wrong kind of size“.

So I thought I share some of my favorite outfits from Vintage Vixen!

awesome embroidered circle dress with a statement hat

Gorgeous in a 1950s embroidered wool dress. An ice princess in black and white. Style crush and serious dress envy!

It is her „fault“ that I own a pale blue petticoat!

Pretty in grey and mustard

I wanted a leopard bag for a very long time – but ever since that pic I am looking for the perfect one. Still looking!

Gorgeous bag – same goes for the rest of the outfit. But it is the bag I covet.

Check out her blog – it is fun and stylish – from picnics to nights in with friends. Don’t complain there are no events where you can strut your stuff – create them!

Hula Hoop

Scouting in Tweed and Mustard

Had a fun time with the boyfriend checking out the local stores if Shopping Queen comes to town (and they want me). Real life clothes shopping in this country and in my size is tedious at best. Hardly ever real fun, as I am not very happy with what I find. Dresses are rarer to find in Germany than  in the UK, especially in a size UK 22/ EUR 50/ US 20. So most of my stuff arrives by post.

Shopping queen is a popular concept on day time TV. Each week the show hits a different city. Five ladies (there is rarely a guy taking part) get a motto for the week. Each day one of them goes shopping with a friend. The others stay at her place and check it out. Emphasis on the wardrobe. Each day the shopper presents her outfit and gets rated by the rest.  At the end of the week they also get judged by a designer. The one with the most points is the new shopping queen. The designer’s comments make this show good fun.

After a few of my friends and (former) colleagues asked me, if finally sent in my application. I was quite surprised when my man asked me if he could be my shopping assistant. And this Saturday morning we had a thorough look at the local stores from a strategic point of view. Variety in my size, location and other accessories were among the key points. Fingers crossed that Shopping Queen wants me (and that they’ll soon come to town).

I love autumn and I love tweed. It quite shows: dress, blazer, handbag and even down to Miss Kittenheels favorite kitten heels are made of tweed. Now I wonder is this outfit missing a dinky (tweed) hat?

2014-11-15 mustard and greytweed dress: Marks and Spencer
blazer: EVAN Picone
pin dot shirt: Inspire from New Look
tights, scarf + armwarmers: H&M
brooch: vintage
tweed kittenheels: Evans
tweed handbag: Laura Ashley Official

Heute haben mein Freund und ich mal die Läden vor Ort auf ihr Potential für Shopping Queen angetestet. Für den Fall dass sie mal nach Bochum kommen und ich dabei bin. Kleiderkauf in Echtzeit ist in diesem Land und vor allem vor Ort bestenfalls zäh. Spass sieht für mich anders aus, da mir wenig gefällt, das in meiner Grösse angeboten wird. Kleider sind hier in Deutschland sowieso schwerer zu finden als in England, vor allem in einer EUR-Grösse 50. Deswegen kommt fast alles per Post zu mir. 

Die meisten werden das Konzept von Shopping Queen kennen, deswegen lasse ich das jetzt im Gegensatz zur englischen Variante aus. Einige Freunde und (ehemalige) Arbeitkollegen hatten mich mit der Idee bei der Einkaufs-Show mitzumachen. Letztes Wochenende hatte ich dann tatsächlich meine Bewerbung abgeschickt.  Zu meiner Überraschung hat mich mein Freund gefragt, ob er meine Shoppingbegleitung sein darf.

Diesen Samstag haben wir uns mal die Läden in Bochum nach strategischen Gesichtspunkten angesehen. Auswahl in meiner Grösse, Lage und was es an Assessoires gibt, waren wichtige Kriterien. Jetzt heisst es Daumen drücken das Shopping Queen mich will (und das sie bald in den Pott kommen).

Ich liebe den Herbst und ich liebe Tweed. Das zeigt sich dann wohl auch: Kleid, Blazer, Handtasche bis zu den Schuhen (Miss Kittenheels liebste Kittenheels!) sind aus Tweed. Jetzt frage ich mich, brauch dieses Outfit noch ein neckisches (Tweed) Hütchen?

Autumn again

After a few days when summer came back we are once more in autumn. Time for an old favorite of mine, or rather a few of them:

my novelty Dachshund/ sausage dog sweater adding sleeves to a dark grey checkered dress. Found the hunting themed silk scarf in a thrift shop. Well, ducks are not for everyone. The cameo brooch is my mum’s and from the late 70s.

2014-10-20 set

dress + tights: Marks and Spencer
jumper: Dorothy Perkins
heels: Peter Kaiser Schuhfabrik GmbH
scarf + brooch: vintage

Nach einigen Tagen die sich mehr als überzeugend wie Sommer anfühlten, ist der Herbst zurückgekehrt. Zeit ein paar Lieblingsteile anzuuziehen: 

meinen Dackelpullover und das dunkelgraue, karierte Kleid. Das Tuch mit dem Jagdmuster habe ich in einem Second Hand Laden gefunden. Enten-Muster sind halt nicht jedermanns Sache! Die Kamee ist von meiner Mutter und aus den 1970ern.

Noch einmal Sommer – Last Day of Summer

Probably the last day of summer for this year and I decided to wear one of my favourite (summer) dresses from the Inspire range from New Look with a stripy shirt from Marks and Spencer. I really love the swallow pattern. Makes me feel like I am on holidays.

French satin ballerina flats in satin I bought a long time ago in Paris, white sunnies, a powder blue H + M bag and this years birthday treat a matching powder blue mini beret round off the outfit. Which was made by Polish hat maker Kasia Girtler.

Probably not the best outfit to haggle for prices for vintage stuff on my local flea market. But a nice one to go shopping (pink loafers) and have a glass of red wine enjoying this day that feels so much more like summer than autumn.

outfit 2014-10-18

Kleid/ Dress: http://www.newlook.com/de/
Shirt: http://www.marksandspencer.eu/
Hut/ Hat: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kagikagi
Handtasche/ Bag: http://www.hm.com/

Heute ist wahrscheinlich der letzte Sommertag dieses Jahr, deswegen habe ich mich dafür entschieden eines meiner liebsten Kleider aus der Inspire Kollektion von New Look mit einem Streifenhemd von Marks and Spencer anzuziehen. Das Schwalbenmuster finde ich einfach toll. Damit fühle ich mich immer wie im Urlaub.

Das Outfit runden Satinballerinas, die ich mir vor Jahren in Paris gekauft habe, eine einfache weisse Sonnenbrille, eine hellblaue H+M Tasche und eine passende Mini-Baskenmütze ab. Das Hütchen habe ich mir selber zum Geburtstag geschenkt. Gemacht hat es Kasia Girtler, eine polnische Hutmacherin.

Wahrscheinlich nicht das beste Outfit um auf meinem Lieblingsflohmarkt am Rathaus zu feilschen, aber genau richtige um danach noch etwas in der Stadt einkaufen zu gehen (die rosa Loafer) und ein Glas Rotwein in der Sonne zu trinken.