Adventskalender: Style-Crush Solanah from Vintage Vixen

I thought I’d introduce a new series called style crush. Style crush is about inspiration. People, movies or TV shows, pictures. We all need a little input from time to time.

Guess it is almost three years or four ago that I came across Solanah’s Blog Vintage Vixen. I did a little research on how-to do pin curls and I found her. She has an awesome 1950s inspired style. And she really lives it. She is curvy, but by no means plus sized. But style isn’t about size. Though it can be a real bugger to find the things you love when you have the „wrong kind of size“.

So I thought I share some of my favorite outfits from Vintage Vixen!

awesome embroidered circle dress with a statement hat

Gorgeous in a 1950s embroidered wool dress. An ice princess in black and white. Style crush and serious dress envy!

It is her „fault“ that I own a pale blue petticoat!

Pretty in grey and mustard

I wanted a leopard bag for a very long time – but ever since that pic I am looking for the perfect one. Still looking!

Gorgeous bag – same goes for the rest of the outfit. But it is the bag I covet.

Check out her blog – it is fun and stylish – from picnics to nights in with friends. Don’t complain there are no events where you can strut your stuff – create them!

Hula Hoop

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