French Curves: Mix et Match – c’est moi!

Le 16 du mois est passé et c’est le temps pour un autre challenge du French Curves. Ce mois avec le thème des imprimés different – le mix et match. J’ai vu ça et pense: c’est moi, c’est Miss Kittenheel.
 The 16th of the months has passed and it is time for another challenge of the French Curves. This month with „mix and match“ – combining different prints. Saw that and thought – well, that’s me, that’s Miss Kittenheel.
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch 03

Ma tenue d’hier – pour faire des courses. La robe des journaux des chats est toujours populaire mais avec des talons de chaton – c’était une autre chose et définitif pas la dernière fois!
Yesterdays outfit – to go shopping and the usual round to the post office, etc. The cat dress is always popular but with the kitty heels it was something else – definitely not the last time I wear them together!
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch modcloth 02

Mon look de mardi, en travail. J’adore des imprimés de paysage et le dernier est de LindyBop – Venise.
My outfit on tuesday – for the office. I loooooove landscape prints – my latest one is this LindyBop dress with a Venice print.
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch 01

Dans mon armoire et mes tiroirs – assorti par couleur et des imprimés des animaux, des paysages, le tartan… mais aussi uni. Un peu plus ici – dans le Pin-Up Magazin (en allemand).
In my wardrobe and my drawers – sorted by colours are lots of (novelty) prints with animals, landscapes, tartan – and even plain stuff. More here (but in German) – in the Pin-Up Magazine.
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch 06

Paisley, Herringbone, les points, encore des paysages, couers et graou
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch 04

Le tartan „in action“
misskittenheel-vintage-curvy-plussize-frenchcurves-mixandmatch 05

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On the Go: Cat Dress No.3 – Cat’s News

Ok, I admit it – I had this for a while and as the leaves are turning (and falling) and the ones in the background are squeaky green, these pics were not taken recently. But sometimes life happens and it would have been very bad timing to post them when they were shot. Anyway – I have shown the pink swing kitty dress from Voodoo Vixen, aka cat dress No.1 here and the Mews-eum Collector cat dress by Modcloth a bit later (which is back in stock!). This showstopper will probably my last cat dress for a while. Still, I love them all. The scoop neck isn’t really my favourite and the dress is quite expensive when you look at the tailoring. But it washes well, the pockets are a plus, too. And I frequently wear all my cat dresses, too. Even in the office. Yep!

Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style cat newspaper dress modcloth
mix and match patterns – and yes, you can even read the articles!
Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style cat newspaper dress modcloth

I do love my brooches – especially kitsch ones! another eBay find.
Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style cat newspaper dress modcloth

the parent’s cat is colour coordinated 😉
the parent's cat

Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style cat newspaper dress modcloth

dress: Start Spreading the Mews, Modcloth
shirt:  Neckermann (ehm, 2009?)
cropped denim jacket: Studio Untold
bag and scarf: Primark
cat brooch: vintage
tights: M+S, similar here from Fibrotex, hold-ups only