On the Go: Russisan Avantgarde and a Kimono-Dress

Some happy snaps from yesterday’s opening of „Russian Avantgarde“ in Bochum. I still blame Elli from Curvy Fashionelly for this purchase. She posted this pic at the Curvy in Berlin and I was smitten. Somehow my attempts to get my pic taken with this dress are not very successful. Anyway, there are more flattering pics of me and there will be another session with this dress with a different, a bit more formal styling. Yesterday the dress got a bit toned down with a wooly scarf, my smallish messenger bag and the brogues. Since the opening of a new exhibition attracted quite arty people I had fun to wear my new vintage faux Persian lamb headband and some dotted tights.

  2015-03-22 12.17.18-1

Anyone else to think Lucky Strikes?
Composition with a red Circle
Iilja Tschaschnik, 1923/1924
2015-03-22 12.34.47-tschaschnik

 different shapes but the colours matched my dress!
Sorry, didn’t take a pic of the label 🙁
2015-03-22 12.20.42-1

plus size nude study
Ljubow Popowa, 1914
2015-03-22 11.42.01-1 popowa

2015-03-22 12.17.31-1
dress: Kimono Dress by Anna Scholz for Sheego
undershirt: thermal wear
spotted tights: up to 3x!  H+M
shoes: Deichmann (similar here)
bag: C+A (not available online)
scarf: Primark
bracelet + headband: vintage