Tuesday = Shoesday – Strawberry Heels forever!

Initially I wanted to feature my „spring“ boots today. Beige, suede knee highs – but the weather is grim today, so we are all in for a treat. Happy strawberries to cheer me (and you) up on this glum day. I fell for these Funtasma heels back in 2010. Somewhow they cost silly over here and there was an opportunity to get them from the states (via the parent’s of one of my best friends) at a fraction of the price. The heel is high, I love the mini-platform, even though personally I think platforms don’t add any elegance to your walk. At least for me they are not for walking. They don’t have to. But they are fun. They don’t get out and about a lot. I tend to wear them with grey dresses and grey tights.

2015-03-31 10.09.05-1

2015-03-31 10.09.12-1

Vive les Fraises!


2015-03-31 10.12.48-1

heels: Contessa 58 Strawberry Short Cake, by Funtasma
bracelet: Claire’s (?), ca. 2014
necklace: George @ ASDA, ca. 2007
brooch: beats me – think it was Bijou Brigitte, probably in 2012
earrings: Six, recently

Fröhliche Erdbeerschuhe, gegen das triste graue Wetter. Eigentlich sollten heute meine Frühjahrsstiefel vorgeführt werden. Naja, aber so fies wie es da draussen ist – dock lieber die Contessas von Funtasma.