On the Go: Cupcake Queen

The Oktoberfest is over. In Munich. Lots of places still have their local ones (but more on that in a few days). There are still all the Autumn fairs (again more about that in a few days).

This Hell Bunny dress is super pretty and a bit of an Ersatz dirndl. I’d say perfect gear either for a bake off, picnics, colourful events like a fun fair. Or in my case two Christopher Street day events: the Ruhr CSD and the Cologne Pride Parade.

I am actually as straight as they come, nevertheless is diversity something I embrace and live. So when I was asked to come along on a float I gladly joined. It was melting hot in Cologne and quite an experience. At the Ruhr CSD I had a less active role – we just dropped by to say hi to a friend who took pictures for his party. On the way there my bestie and I got a bit sidetracked at Primark.

One of my rare no make-up pics on this blog
  Waiting for the parade to start

 Got the toiletry bags for my cousin’s kids 
Nah, we didn’t get these, although they were hilarious! Bye-bye summer, sigh…
Dress: tiger lily (green), Hell Bunny
Shirt: Neckermann, ca. 2009
Necklace: H&M
Floral wreath: vintage, Etsy
Fascinator: self made, see also here
Shoes: Deichmann
Brolley/ Parasol: New Look, ca. 2012