Adventskalender: Think Pink!

I thought about this for a while – actually once the decision was made to have my hair cut to a bob. And suddenly I really, really wanted pink hair, too – at least once. So I picked this colour – Candy Floss Pink in the shop underneath the hairdresser’s salon.

I wanted something like this:

or look like Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren rocking in Candy Floss Pink!

but somehow – it wasn’t pink enough on me! And no – I didn’t dye my hair white or platinum in the first place.

Miss Kittenheel in Candy Floss

Miss Kittenheel in Candy Floss

I wanted it a bit more pink – think a mix of barbie pink and cotton candy. One of my friends suggested I redye it. So I bought Flamingo Pink. Guess I should have read a few tips how to tone it down a bit. But I didn’t. Initially I wanted to meet a few people on the Christmas market – but that plan failed. So in the spur of a moment and just before preparing dinner I dyed my hair…

oooops, that looks strong!

oooops, that looks strong!

…and then I thought, ah, that’ll wash out. It didn’t. Well not tonight. I quite like the result. It is neither subtle nor for the faint of heart. But it is very moi!

2014-12-23 21.16.52-1

Do you like it?