A Day at the Races – Trotting along

I planned this blogpost for a couple of days but was sick on Friday. Then came Friday night and Paris (sorry, the linked article is in German). Is it appropriate to post about a grand day out and what I wore after these attacks? Actually yes, because last nights barbarism was targeted against our lifestyle, our freedom. I will not cower. They must not win. And so I post these pictures of a carefree day. Yesterday many people in Paris like us set out to have a good time, some to see a concert, others for the footie. Unlike us, more than a hundred didn’t make it home. And many who did will be scarred for live, physically but even more emotionally.

Life is precious, so is our freedom. Without our freedom our life would not be the same. Even before our governments pass new laws it is quite often us who cut little by little our own rights away for the illusion of safety. Let us now not haste to make changes. Our freedom is what attracts people to seek shelter in Europe. Our freedom is what yesterday’s terrorists despise. It doesn’t always take grand gestures to defend it – you can do that with fashion posts or by going to the football, by not hating blindly, by treating everyone with respect and demand the same. Go out there, don’t be afraid to live, to enjoy life, use your freedom.

Auf Deutsch/ The German introduction before the main blogpost:
Diesen Blogeintrag hatte ich schon seit einigen Tagen geplant, aber am Freitag war ich leider krank. Dann kam Freitag Abend und Paris. Ist es nach solchen Angriffen angemessen über einen wunderbaren Ausflug und dem was ich dort an hatte zu posten? Ich meine schon, denn die Barbarei letzte Nacht galt dem wie wir leben und unserer Freiheit. Ich lasse mich nicht einschüchtern. Sie dürfen nicht gewinnen. Und so teile ich diese Bilder eines sorgenfreien Tages. Gestern wollten sehr sehr viele Menschen in Paris nur genauso wie wir eine gute Zeit haben, einige gehen zum Konzert, andere zum Fußball. Im Gegensatz zu uns haben es gestern mehr als hundert Menschen nicht nach Hause geschafft. Und viele von denen die es dennoch im übertragenem Sinne schafften sind nun körperlich oder aber emotional für das Leben gezeichnet. 
Das Leben ist wertvoll, ebenso wie unsere Freiheit. Ohne unsere Freiheit wäre unser Leben nicht mehr das gleiche. Noch bevor unsere Regierungen neue Gesetze verabschieden sind es oft wir selber die für den Preis der vermeintlichen Sicherheit im kleinen ihre eigenen Rechte beschneiden. Wir sollten jetzt nicht übereilt Veränderungen anstreben.
Unsere Freiheit ist es die Menschen anzieht in Europa Schutz zu suchen. Unsere Freiheit ist das was die Terroristen von gestern verachten. Es bedarf nicht immer großer Gesten diese Freiheit zu verteidigen: man kann das machen indem man auch weiter über Mode bloggt, zum Fußball geht, nicht blind hasst und jeden mit Respekt behandelt und einfordert ebenso behandelt zu werden. Es ist unser Leben, Geht da raus, habt keine Angst das Leben zu leben und das Leben zu genießen, nutzt eure Freiheit!
And now the initial blog post in English only, sorry.

Last Sunday I spent the day at the trot races in Gelsenkirchen. A bit of (unsuccessful) betting, burgers afterwards and a very fine and surprisingly mild day for November. Going to the races is in my mindset always a jolly good excuse to dig out your hats. But this is Germany and actually it isn’t.

Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style races
Unless you give a fig and round up a few friends to join you. In spring we went to Krefeld: gallop racing, their very own ladies day (there were others wearing hats). Initially I wanted to wear my blue tartan dress which I wore here and here. But at 18C it was wayyyy to warm for it. So it had to be the red LindyBop dress I wore here and here to stick at least to tartan.

Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style races

When we planned the event in May I wanted to get a vintage pheasant hat, but the one I liked best was sold and I couldn’t decide on another one. Then I would have gone for the fascinator I wore to the local octoberfest, but it was too warm.

As I decided to go for the red tartan I realised I haven’t worn my gran’s burgundy pillbox yet. But when the day came it was, although mild, a bit windy. I didn’t want to go chasing after the pillbox as it has neither a comb nor an elastic in it. So I settled for a trusty friend: my burgundy leaf fascinator, seen already here. It comes with a headband. The one I wore with the grey mouse outfit was a bit busy on me and besides it went better with Pam’s outfit. We made quite a stir and all in all four of my headpieces enjoyed a day out. Would you wear a hat to the races?

dress: Holly, red Tartan, Lindybop (sold out)
tweed jacket: elvi, sold out
shoes: Deichmann
cowhide clutch: no name, market in Nice
scarf, bracelet, brooch: vintage
Fascinator: Dickins & Jones/ House of Fraser12249759_10153731551524919_7164184900397070478_n
Some impressions from the Racetrack
How NOT to do a group pic! We didn’t do this on purpose – but I think it is hiliarious 🙂
Happy me with my fascinator. I lost all my bet (2 Eur in total) – was too busy making pics to bet…
They do look elegant and we will return!
Miss Kittenheel vintage plus size style races

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