Adventskalender: OOTD Downtime

I love this dress. Or rather the idea of it. The pattern of the skirt reminds me of Orla Kiely or marimekko patterns. And yet it is good old Marks and Spencer who made it. It is a lovely dress. Not sure when it was in the shops. I got it on Ebay, this summer. Three quarter sleeves, jersey top and a lined kneelength polycotton skirt. Fun. Easy to wear.

So where is the catch? The waist is a bit too high for my liking. So I got myself a vest. That little trick lowers the waistline to where mine actually is. Ha! Got that on Ebay, too. The little picture on the right shows something else that should look ace with the rest. In theory. Not so chuffed with the look on on screen. Prooves, be your own editor. I much prefer it with the black scarf. Makes it less busy.

The delightful 1950s hat is from my favorite vintage place in town. Though vintage is a bit of a mouthful. They are an indoor fleamarket/ second hand/ bric-a-brac shop. A treasure trove. The real deal, not a glossy vintage boutique. Back to the half hat – my cousin and I saw it together on one of our rarehopping sprees – and though she saw it first, she let me have it. And now with the new haircut it finally looks really cute. And yes, it matches my persian lamb handwarmer/ handbag really well. Love the mixed materials – felt and fur (the latter has to be vintage though). 

2014-12-14 m+s summerdress Kopiedress: Marks and Spencer (summer, not quite sure when)
tights: as above
vest/ waistcoat: Evans (again, not quite sure which collection)
black scarf: Primark
white fake fur scarf, armwarmers; H&M (the armwarmers are 2012/2013, the scarf 2004)
shoes: Deichmann (the ballet flats, too)
hat + brooch: vintage

Some you have seen it before – but here is my handwarmer/ handbag again! Original 1950s. Mint condition when I got it. Like many other things this was kept for good. And at the end of its original owners lifetime was never worn. So next time you think something it too fancy to wear, think again.

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