Business with a Twist – Break the Rules!

Sorry. Ladies – today it’s English only.

First I am a firm believer that before you go and break some rules, you’d better know them in the first place. The last council session was long and felt long. But no more about that today. I can’t believe its already a month ago that I went to Paris for the day and that I actually bought a dress from the Beth Ditto collection. Not the one I thought I’d get but the black one.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  beth ditto collection lola black dress council 03

My shoes are watching you! I love these shoes.

The rouching in the back is still quite noticable, even on the black one.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  beth ditto collection lola black dress council 04

I was afraid the lipstick print wouldn’t get enough mileage and I actually needed another LBD (Little Black Dress). It is fun though and sooo me. My heart is still a little sad, that I didn’t buy it.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  beth ditto collection lola lipstick 01

So far I have worn it twice to offical gatherings: the mayor’s may reception for the unions and various social organizations and the following week for the council meeting. My shoes (the dotty cat ones) got more attention than the dress. Though that doesn’t mean people didn’t talk about it, they just didn’t say anything to me. Probably not a good thing. But I feel great when I wear it. I love the pockets.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  beth ditto collection lola black council 01

Combined with my trusty tweed jacket from Boden and a big scarf – I look like it is considered proper for a fat woman. A safe look. Even with the crazy cat heels. Until I take off the jacket. Dittos dress is rather unapologetic.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  beth ditto collection lola black council 02

For another event I went with politics a few weeks ago, I wore another somewhat unusal dress: Anna Scholz Kimono or Sakura dress by Sheego. A wardrobe staple of mine that I have worn to an opening at the local art museum and at this winters‘ Fashion Week in Berlin. It was a lovely spring day. The dress an excellent choice. Even more so as such events are still dominated by men. Men in dark suits. I got quite a few compliments from other ladies there.
misskittenheel vintage curvy plussize  anna scholz sheego sakura kimono dress 02

I think it is fun to break the rules. But to have fun doing so you should know where you clash and why. You should also consider your own position – what do you want. In a job interview or for an important presentation it is not very wise to completely alienate your audience. Little dabs are more appropriate in such a setting. On other occasions you can risk a bit more – and once people have accepted that, it not only becomes easier, at some point they might even expect it from you.

black dress: Lola noir by Beth Ditto
Skaura/ Kimono dress: Kimono Dress by Anna Scholz for Sheego (sold out)
jacket: Tweed Blazer by Boden Clothing (sold out)

4 Gedanken zu „Business with a Twist – Break the Rules!

  1. Liebe Miss Kittenheel,
    Deine Business-Outfits haben wirklich Klasse! Und das kleine Augenzwinkern – b. B. die Katzenschuhe – passt wunderbar zu Dir.
    Wenn es noch machbar ist, solltest Du Dir auch noch das Küsschen-Kleid gönnen.
    Dass Dir der Schnitt steht, hast sich schon am schwarzen Kleid gezeigt. Das Küsschen-Kleid hat dazu noch traumhafte Farben, die perfekt zu Dir passen. Gönne Dir dieses spektakuläre Kleid.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hallihallo,
    oh ich liiiiiebe das Lola-Kleid! Es ist sooo toll und steht dir ausgezeichnet. Gut, dass du es mit den bewährten Schuhen kombiniert hast, sonst wäre das Outfit ungewohnt brav – für offizielle Anlässe zwar gut aber du gefällst mir als „DU“ doch besser.
    Auch das Anna Scholz Kleid ist sehr hübsch – da muss ich doch gleich mal stöbern, ob das noch zu haben ist 😉

    Viele Grüße,

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