Singing in the Rain – hallo Frühling

Who doesn’t love a good coat? You might remember this gorgous coat in mustard yellow from two years ago. It got too large – not really a problem in winter with a nice fleece jacket underneath for warmth but less than ideal now. English only today.

Very Cinderella – this is from Miss Candyfloss new Grace Kelly collection. The Lorin in Regia, a princessy pale blue with a sumpteous pink satin lining.

Roses and Leopard – the pretty umbrella is not only true vintage but it used to my (maternal) Grandmother’s.

London calling – the cute but rather small bag is another cool one from vendula – like my cute bike shop and the much admired sushi restaurant bag. The details are always amazing.

From Dawn into the Night – some pictures from my rambles. The sloes are currently in bloom and the willow buds are ever so pretty.

Far from the Pyrenees – a young woman at the train station said I remind her of the girls from Beauxbaton – and I had to look that up – They make quite an entry in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So, do you like my new coat?

raincoat: Lorin in Regina (pale blue), Miss Candyfloss, 2022
wiggle dress: Boroka Blues Dolman dress, Miss Candyfloss, 2021
sneakers: Skechers, 2021
umbrella: vintage
beret: no name
red British phone box hand bag: London cats by Vendula, 2021

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