On the Go: Midsummer Lobsters

It is midsummer – that glorious time when the nights are short and the days are long.
This outfit is a nod to my Swedish friends – who a few years ago took me in. We drank, sang songs and did the traditional dances and gathering of wildflowers.

The lobster brooches were acutally earrings – but too heavy for me. So I clipped off the pin for the ears at the pearl and glued the brooch pins onto the body. 

After cycling around half the island.

dress: Audrey in red check by LindyBop, 2015
heels: BonPrix, ca. 2015
crown: bespoke by Tate Millinery, 2016
bolero: eBay
lobster brooches: earrings by Luxulite

3 Gedanken zu „On the Go: Midsummer Lobsters

  1. Ich liebe dieses Kleid! Und das Jäckchen! Und die Schuhe! Und die Hummer auch! Und ganz besonders den Blütenkranz im Haar! <3 <3 <3

    Allerliebste Grüße!

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