On the Go: Elf Yourself for the Office

Technically this no Christmas wear. The black and green Veronica dress is from Pin-Up-Girl-Clothing and the pussy bow tunic with the tiny heart patterns underneath is by Studio Untold. The brooch is vintage but the headband is new. The looks goes from fun workwear to festive party or a date. Though not a first one, at least not with the headband.

Can’t wait to see the baby godchild as a little elf. Pics will follow soon!

Here you can see me as „Mrs. Claus“.

dress: Veronica in Olive by Pin-Up Girl Clothing, 2016
jacket: Audrey by Pin-Up Girl Clothing, 2017
blouse: pussy bow tunic by Studio Untold, 2016
heels: Deichmann, 2018
beret, scarf, headband: no name
brooch: vintage
black fake fur bag: NewLook, 2015
hohoho clutch: Asos, 2016

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