On the Go: GeekStyle – Happy Foxes

This month is under the motto #GeekStyle. Dressing your inner geek can be fun. Most of us have facets.  Comparing people to coins with two sides is a bit to simplistic – I think most of us are more like diamonds. 

Back in November my English pen pal came for a visit. Sounds old school? Well, we first met in 1988.  Thirty years ago in summer.  We meet up occasionally. Unfortunately far too seldom. That is what I like about Facebook. It allows to share snippets of our lives with each other.

Late November can be quite miserable. And it was – still, we went to the Christmas market, the Ruhr Museum and had plenty of fun catching up. If you are in the region – the Ruhr Museum is worth a visit. Dinosaurs to mining lamps. They got it and the museum and exhibition style is stunning.

My friend told my outfit reminded her of Tom Baker as Dr. Who. Note so self: must get another stripey scarf. A few years ago I had a similar one. The fake fox scarf is super cute but it doesn’t really classify as a neckwarmer.

sweater: Foxes, by LindyBop, winter 2016/2017
fox scarf: Joanie Clothing, winter 2016/2017
shirt: H+M, ca. 2006
jeans: BonPrix, 2017
boots: marvels by Ted+Muffy/ Duo Boots, 2016
wrist warmers: Dents, 2015
hat + bag: no name

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