Shopping: Little Black Dresses to Go

It is a true classic and comes in many forms: the little black dress. Hope you are not yawning yet, but it is ever so versatile and useful. You can easily go from work to play. Change a few accessories to dress it up or down. Go from „no frills“ to glam in less than five minutes. Chose the right material and it happily travels with you wrinkle-free in either backpack or trolley. It is like having an ace up your sleeve. So today I picked a few inexpensive dresses from ASOS Curve.

Work to Play

This one is my favourite of the lot, though personally I prefer dresses to be longer. But I am involved in (local) politics and occasionally that includes debate rounds on stages. So I find myself sitting between chair or table level above the audience. Quite often it is just a bunch of seats, without a covered table in front of you. Trust me, you want to concentrate on what you say, not if anyone can look up your skirt! Still, that dress is a super cute basic. It’ll show your curves without showing any cleavage. Dress it down with a denim jacket and some low chucks or ballet flats. Glam it up with killer heels, a clutch and some seamed tights.

The wrap dress is another classic and flatters most shapes. For a professional look I’d put a top, cami or t-shirt underneath. Dress it down with a happy scarf and flats. You can wear boots and a floppy hat with it for a boho look or a statement necklace and some killer heels to impress.

Rather too low cut for work, but still great to show of your curves. Put a crisp shirt underneath and you’ll look very professional with a whiff of sexy secretary. Not a bad look, eh? In summer wear it with big glasses, a straw tote and some flip flops and people will struggle to believe that is the very same dress.

Off Work

The Bardot dress is not something I’d wear to work, and I even wear my kitten dresses there! Has something to do with off shoulder. However it is a super cute black dress that’ll take you from shopping to cocktails no matter if you are sightseeing or staying locally. Wear it to a BBQ or a picnic with friends with flats or dress it up for a date.

The last one is a stunner. There are places where you could wear it to work. The creative sector comes to my mind. Although in landscape architecture that would be very overdressed. I’d happily wear it to an opening of an exhibition with some coloured and/or patterned tights. Possibly with an assortment of smaller vintage brooches or a bigger one. It is at home with Sunday brunches and cocktails, art house cinema, that kind of thing. I like the artsy vibe and the rather severe cut. It’ll show off your curves, but not flash your boobs. You can show off a bit of leg, so I’d not wear it with anything lower than a kittenheel.

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