On the Go: Sweet Sayonara

This dress was love at first sight. And like a good favourite piece it gets worn a lot. Since it is quite on the dressy side, I decided to take it down a notch. Going flat helps, especially if the shoes can stare back like my T.U.K. ballerinas. This lovely peachy rose and lightweight Modcloth cardigan is perfect for a day in office, reminds me of blushing petals and yet contributes  to make the combo more casual. That cardi so compliments the colour and the pattern of this Anna Scholz dress. 

I am glad that the trains are back and that the 9th railway strike is over. Train stations were teeming with people once more. A glorious day for my birthday. A long weekend ahead. The air is fragrant with flowers. I love this time of the year. Yep, before you ask, I don’t have hay fever. The gorgeous backdrop is the garden surrounding my new office. Blossom number one is a peony on the way to work. The second flower my mum’s tree peony and the third a close up of the rhododendron in the backdrop. 


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